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Joe speaking at 2019's swearing-in ceremony

  • My unwavering focus on tangible community benefits has put tens of millions of county dollars into local pockets, money that used to leave our county. Now we prioritize local jobs, local business, living wages, family health insurance, clean energy and equity in the workforce. To me, everything is talk until you put your money where your mouth is. 


  • I wrote and, with State Senator James Manning and the construction trades, submitted Senate Bill 420 during the 2021 legislative session. My bill passed, and now all Oregon counties, cities, school districts, water districts, etc., can invest locally like we do in Lane County. A rising tide lifts all boats. I am humbled and proud of this growing legacy of service and change.


  • I led the creation of a pragmatic, serious, county climate action plan that decreases emissions, creates new jobs, and generates business. It incorporates resiliency, sustainability, and diversity into community building and rebuilding efforts.


  • Locally, I helped save the Patrician Manufactured Home Park from being sold and displacing residents, and helped tenants there form a cooperative and purchase it for themselves. Congratulations to the new Filbert Grove Cooperative!  

Working hard, staying focused on results during crises, and keeping dollars and jobs here in Springfield and the county: This what I’ve done and what I’ll continue to do.


We need strong, pragmatic, aspirational and competent leadership that keeps public welfare top of mind as we open up and build back. I pledge, for Springfield and all of Lane County, to continue to do my best, speak up for those with the greatest need and least power, and be all about common-sense, pragmatic ways to create local jobs and local opportunity.


In short, I’m running for creating a future of health, prosperity and dignity for all, not closed-door deal-making for the wealthy few.

To keep me working for our city and county, I need to win re-election in 2022. I'd be honored to have your vote.


Why I'm Running

I have been blessed many times in life, including when Springfield voters gave me the opportunity to serve as their county commissioner and, this year, when my fellow county commissioners unanimously elected me Board Chair.  


After much thought and deliberation with my wife and family I’ve decided to run for a second term. When we launched and won our first-ever campaign no one could have anticipated that Lane County would be called to establish and run Incident Command Centers for two life-changing crises – getting us out of the COVID emergency and containing and rebuilding after the Holiday Farm Fire. But we did and steadfastly continue to, on top of everything else.

My entire life I’ve worked hard to get things done, no matter the size or scope of the challenge. Since taking office in January 2019:

Springfield's County Commissioner

Joe Berney is the best friend working people in Lane County have ever had as an elected official.

Jeff McGillivray
President, Lane Coos Curry Douglas Building Trades